The cooperative Graduate Programme at the annual meeting of the Ecological Society

Doctoral candidates and professors of the cooperative graduate programme Adaptive Nature Conservation under climate change presented their results within the context of two symposia at the 41st annual meeting of the Ecological Society in Oldenburg.

The Ecological Society is launching a conference for researchers and its members from Germany, Austria and Switzerland every year. Every year the newest results from ecological science are presented at symposia with a specific thematic focus. This year’s conference was held from the 5th to 9th September in Oldenburg. Chaired by Pierre Ibisch, Vera Luthardt (Professors at the University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde (HNEE-FH) and Florian Jeltsch (Professor at the Potsdam University) two symposia were launched where members of the graduate programme presented their results from the past two years. Additionally researchers from the junior research group “Regional Adaptation to Climate Change – Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity” and other institutions took part in the symposia.

Both symposia addressed the topics of biodiversity under climate change and the possibilities of nature conservation to adapt to current and future problems of climate change. Under the title „Impacts of Environmental Change on Biodiversity: scaling up from Individuals to Communities and Landscapes“ the first symposium focused on fundamental research results while the second symposium „Adaptive nature conservation under climate change“ addressed the issue of application of research results to nature conservation strategies. Conclusively, all presentations provided input for discussions and suggestions for participants and the audience. The symposia were a forum for all participants of the graduate programme and likewise a final event for the current doctoral candidates of the graduate programme, which will finalize their dissertations within the next months.