Published article: Classification of climate-change-induced stresses onbiological diversity

Recently a paper on climate-change-induced stresses on biological diversity was published in Conservation Biology by members of the graduate research programme Adaptive Nature Conservation under Global Change:

Geyer, J., Kiefer, I., Kreft, S., Chavez, V., Salafsky, N., Jeltsch, F. and Ibisch, P. L. (2011), Classification of Climate-Change-Induced Stresses on Biological Diversity. Conservation Biology, 25: no. doi: 10.1111/j.1523-1739.2011.01676.x

It is already available online in early view format:

Conservation actions need to account for and be adapted to address changes that will occur under global climate change. The identification of stresses on biological diversity (as defined in the Convention on Biological Diversity) is key in the process of adaptive conservation management. We applied a systemic approach and a hierarchical framework to develop a comprehensive classification of stresses to biological diversity that are caused directly by global climate change. We grouped the identified stresses according to 3 levels of biological diversity: stresses that affect individuals and populations, stresses that affect biological communities, and stresses that affect ecosystem structure and function. Our classification may be used to identify key climate-change-related stresses to biological diversity and may assist in the development of appropriate conservation strategies.